- Output: 65V/130V
- 750 to 8,000 VA
- DC/Direct-coupled linear output
- Adjustable current limiter
- Multiple channel capability
- Direct reading output meters
- Flexible modular construction

PA-123 Power Amplifiers utilize state-of-the-art linear technology to bring quiet direct-coupled capability to vibration or audio frequency systems. Flexible modular design enables tailoring of the amplifier to any application requiring from 1,000 to 8,000 VA.

Individual 1,000 VA power modules are connected to a common PS-123 Power Supply and are wired in either single-ended or bridged configurations. Oversized power supplies can be provided, enabling expansion of the amplifier through the simple addition of additional power modules.

Linear output stages insure minimum RF radiation to accompanying instrumentation and very low output impedance to maximize system damping. Adjusting the power supply rail voltage, to properly match the amplifier output impedance to the load, assures efficient, direct-coupled operation.

Oversize heat sinks dissipate internal energy with minimum air flow rates. Dual-speed cooling fans provide quiet operation during idle or normal dissipation conditions with plenty of additional capacity when needed.

Power-up soft start relays and line power sensing interlock circuitry eliminate accidental output transients during turn-on and turn-off.

Complete self protection for over-temperature, over-current, and instantaneous dissipation, as well as normally open and normally closed external interlock loops are standard. This provides maximum system compatibility and reliability.

For additional information on single or multichannel modular amplifiers, please call the Labworks technical support staff.

General Specifications
Configuration Single end Bridge
Output voltage 65 V rms 130 V rms
Output current/module 18 A rms 9 A rms
Max. cont. dissipation 850 W/module
Frequency response  
  DC input: DC to 10 KHz -1 dB
  AC input: 1.0 to 10 KHz -1 dB
Max. voltage gain 40 dB
Cooling: 2-speed fans, automatic
CP-123 Control Panel
Input impedance 10 k-ohms/channel
  Volts, pk 3 digit digital meter
  Amps, rms/pk 3 digit digital meter
Interlock circuit N.O./N.C. switch or TTL
Input power 5,200 VA max.
  Voltage 208 or 230 Vac
  Frequency 48 to 62 Hz
Amplifier Options
CS-123 Current Source chassis
CP-123 Remote/Slave control panels
Rack panel cabinet
Soft start, 3-phase power supply
Shaker field power supplies