CubeSat Test Station

Vibration Testing Simplified

Turn-Key Vibration Test System


This complete turn-key test station is used to accomplish the random and sinusoidal vibration testing required by GEVS GSFC-STD-7000 of a 1U CubeSat. The system is pre-programmed for the NASA testing required and a CubeSat mass model (first mode of free-free >3500 Hz) is included to provide validation of the integral mounting fixture (test pod). Additional vehicle or custom vibration profiles are easily added as they become available. The integral test pod is designed for resonance free operation to 3500 Hz and the CubeSat can be easily rotated in the fixture to provide three axis testing. The pod provides maximum access to the CubeSat for monitoring and instrumentation during the test. An optional leveling and isolation platform is a patented Labworks exclusive which provides pneumatic isolation and load leveling for ease of use on most laboratory test benches.

Test Station Operation Video

Test Pod Video

General Specifications
Sine force 110 lbs force pk
Random force 80 lbf rms random
Shock force 250 lbf pk shock
Frequency Range: 2.0 to 3,500 Hz

Maximum Acceleration


29 grms, bare table
14.5 grms, 1.4 Kg. (3 lb.) load
40 gpk, bare table
20 gpk, 1.4 Kg. (3 lb.) load

Maximum Displacement: .75 inch pk-pk, bare table
.65 inch pk-pk, 3 lb load
Cooling: Amplifier: forced air
Shaker: cooling vacuum
Power Requirements: 1,725 VA @ 115-240V, single phase 50/60 Hz
System Components
ET-140CS CubeSat Electrodynamic Shaker w/ Test Pod
dPA-153-7 dLAB Amplifier & Field Supply
VL-144/VL-145 Vibration Controller
CB-152-140 Shaker Cooling Vacuum
Labworks CubeSat 1.4 Kg (3 lb.) Mass Proof Model
Interconnect Cables and Hoses


System Options
AI-140CS Pneumatic Base Isolation