DuoBase-127 (DB-127)


- Large mounting surface
- 1.0 in. p-p stroke
- Integral oil moat and pump
- Horizontal and vertical testing
- Lightweight magnesium table

The DB-127 DuoBase Slip Table offers a large mounting surface with high load carrying capability for applications where lower acceleration levels are needed for large or heavy loads. The slip table utilizes a low pressure mineral oil film and rigid granite plate to provide support and guidance for the table. High rotational moments are reacted through the oil film to the base, allowing testing of high CG loads without risk of shaker suspension damage. The shaker can also be disconnected from the table, rotated to the vertical position, and then used as a normal vertical shaker without the additional weight of the Table. The base is supplied with standard machinery (15 Hz) isolation mounts.
General Specifications* DB-127-12 (-18)
Moving Element Weights
  Slip Table weight 14 lbs (35 lbs)
  Shaker Armature weight 5 lbs
Maximum Recommended Loads
  Table vertical/horizontal 100 lbs (200 lbs)
  Table mounting CG moment 100 in•lb/g (150 in•lb/g)
Table Mounting Surface (in.) 12 x 12 (18 x 18)
Maximum Bare Table Acceleration* 26 g pk (12 g pk)
Bare Table Resonance Frequency 2300 Hz (2000 Hz)
Maximum Useable Frequency 3000 Hz (2500 Hz)
Displacement 1 inch pk-pk
Table Mounting Hole Pattern Same as shaker
Oil Reservoir Capacity .4 gal (.8 gal)
Complete Base + Shaker Weight 1000 lb (1200 lb)
Overall Dimensions (in.) 37.3 L x 23.5 H x 19.5 W
(43.3 L x 23.5 H x 21.5 W)

    Additional Mounting Holes

    AI-DB127 Pneumatic (3 Hz) Isolation Mounts
*see the appropriate Shaker or System data sheet for performance specifications
db-127 outline