- Output: 65V, 2,600 VA
- DC/Direct-coupled linear output
- Adjustable current limiter
- Field/De-gauss power for ET-127 shaker

The PA-123-3/2-500 houses a field and De-Gauss power supply specifically designed to drive the ET-127 shaker. It is a class AB, air-cooled unit with a power output of 2,600 VA, and is made up of three separate interconnected chassis. The flexible PA-123 modular design allows this amplifier to be configured for use with other shakers.

The CP-123 Control Panel features a low noise preamplifier, amplifier output voltage and current metering, adjustable output current limiting, and complete interlock circuitry. The power and field supply chassis houses input power transformers, power supply circuitry, the shaker interface, shaker cooling blower power source, and field cooling interlock circuitry.

General Specifications
Output voltage 65 V rms
Output current 40 A rms
Max. cont. dissipation 2,250 W
Frequency response  
  DC input: DC to 10 KHz -1 dB
  AC input: 1.0 to 10 KHz -1 dB
Max. voltage gain 40 dB
Cooling: 2-speed fans, automatic
CP-123 Control Panel
Input impedance 10 k-ohms
  Volts, pk 3 digit digital meter
  Amps, rms/pk 3 digit digital meter
Interlock circuit  
  Shaker, internal over travel, cooling
  External, user N.O./N.C. switch or TTL
Shaker field power 1,250 VA max.
  Voltage 208 or 230 Vac, single phase
  Frequency 48 to 62 Hz
Dimensions 28"H x 21"W x 20"D
Weight 280 lbs (127 Kg)
Amplifier Options
CS-123 Current Source chassis