- 500 pounds pk sine force
- 1.0 inch stroke
- 6.0 inch diameter table
- Low stray magnetic field
- Frequency range DC - 4,500 Hz
- Trunnion mounting base


The ET-127 Electrodynamic Transducer is well suited for general vibration testing of mechanical and electrical assemblies as well as modal test applications. The all flexure armature suspension system incorporates damped carbon fiber composite flexures to give it long armature stroke while maintaining high lateral stiffness. The shaker's inherently low stray magnetic field is reduced further in the full force systems by the addition of a separate built-in degauss coil. Over travel switch and cooling flow interlocks add features normally only found in larger shakers. Shaker options include auxiliary pneumatic load support, solid and pneumatic base isolation, oil film slip table, and others.

General Specifications                    
Sine force 500 lbf pk
Random force 350 lbf rms
Shock force 1,000 lbf pk
Max displacement  
  Continuous pk-pk 1.0 in
  Between stops 1.2 in
Armature weight 5.0 lbs
Suspension stiffness 250 lb/in
Dimensions 21"H x 14.5"W x 14"D
Shaker weight 475 lbs
HE-127-12S Head expander
AI-127 (5 Hz) and SI-127 (10 Hz) Vibration Isolation Mounts
LS-127 Pneumatic Payload Support
DB-127 DuoBase Horizontal/Vertical Table
TA-127 Thermal Chamber Interface
M6 x 1 Metric Inserts
Standard and Custom Head Plates and Fixtures