DuoBase System

The LW127.141-225 system utilizes the ET-127 shaker in a lower force output system. Suitable for larger loads that don't require high vibration levels, the 225 system offers the benefits of the larger shaker at a reduced price to give the maximum performance at low and high frequencies. Its large 12 inch Square oil film Slip Table mounting surface provides high load and off-center moment capability for applications where heavy or large loads are to be tested. The DB-127 also allows the ET-127 shaker to be uncoupled from the slip table and rotated into its vertical position allowing normal vertical testing of smaller components directly on the shakers armature. The Shakers internal high lateral stiffness carbon composite armature suspension reduces problems associated with off-center loads when operating vertically. Dual meters display the system operating levels and complete shaker and user interlocks help protect the system from accidental abuse.

General Specifications
Sine force 225 lbs force pk
Random force 110 lbf rms random
Shock force 240 lbf pk shock
Frequency Range:
        Horizontal, w/ Slip Table
        Vertical, no Slip Table

DC to 3000 Hz
DC to 4,500 Hz
Maximum Acceleration:
        Horizontal, w/ Slip Table

        Vertical, no Slip Table

12 g pk, bare table
5.8 g pk, 20 lb. load
2.9 g pk, 60 lb. load

45 g pk, bare table
32 g pk, 2 lb. load
15 g pk, 10 lb. load
Maximum Displacement: 1.0 inch pk-pk, bare table
Cooling: Amplifier: forced air
Shaker: cooling vacuum
Power Requirements: 3,500 VA @200, 220, or 240V*, single phase 50/60 Hz
System Components
ET-127 Electrodynamic Shaker
PA-141 Linear Power Amplifier
DB-127 - DuoBase
FS-127 Integrated Field Supply
CB-127 Cooling Vacuum
Interconnect Cables and Hoses
*100V, 110V operation requires optional step up transformer.
System Options
VL-144/VL-145 Vibration Controller
SC-121 Sine Servo Controller
SG-135 Manual Sine Controller
HE-127-12S Head expander
Rack Cabinet
Accelerometer Package
LS-127 Armature Load Support/
AI-127 Base Isolation