The LW161.138-13 modal test system makes full use of our smaller MT-161 modal test shakers natural convection cooled performance. The thruster's full .75 inch stroke capability, low suspension spring rate and light-weight armature makes this system ideal for most smaller modal test applications not requiring the MT-161's full force. The thruster body features a through hole, and a single collett or thread load attachment to accommodate both tension wire and stinger modal testing. The PA-138 amplifier is direct coupled to the shaker to give the maximum performance at DC through high frequencies, and can be easily switched from voltage source mode to current source mode for force input testing applications. The voltage-proportional-to-current amplifier signal output facillitates servoed force test operation. Dual bar graphs display the system operating levels and internal and external interlocks help protect the system from accidental abuse.

General Specifications
Sine force: 13 lbs force pk
Random force: 8 lbs force rms
Shock force: 21lbs force pk
Frequency range: DC to 10,000 Hz
Maximum Acceleration: 37g pk, bare table
9.6 g pk, 1.0 lb. load
2.4 g pk, 5 lb. load
Maximum displacement: .75 inch pk-pk
Cooling: Amplifier: forced air
Shaker: natural convection
Power Requirements: 2,200 VA @ 100, 110, 200, 220, or 240V, single phase 50/60 Hz
System Components
MT-161-1 Electrodynamic Shaker
PA-138 Linear Power Amplifier
MS-129-161 Modal Stinger Kit
Interconnect Cables
System Options
VL-144/VL-145 Vibe. Controller
SC-121 Sine Servo Controller
SG-135 Manual Sine Controller
Rack Cabinet
Accelerometer Package
SI-161 Base Isolation Mounts
CB-152-161 Cooling Vacuum*
* Recommended for continuous operation at or near full ratings.