VibeLab Vibration Controller Software Upgrade
Download the latest version of the VibeLab Vibration Controller software and register to be notified of any software enhancements or issues related to this version.
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Catalog – Full Product Listing and Engineering Data   
Full-line catalog of vibration test equipment including: electrodynamic shakers, audio power amplifiers, vibration controllers, accelerometers, signal conditioning, and other vibration test-related products. The catalog also contains engineering information on shakers, amplifiers, controllers, sine ratings, testing and calculations, random vibration testing, ratings, and calculations.
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downloadHigh-Resolution Catalog (3.4 MB PDF)

VibeCalc – Sine, Random, and Shock Vibration Desktop Calculator
Download and install the calculator for Windows. Use it to calculate acceleration, velocity, displacement, and frequency for sine, random, and shock vibration.
download  VibeCalc [991KB]

Demonstration Software – Labworks' VibeLab VL-144 Digital Sine, Random, and Shock Vibration Controller
This is the latest version of the actual controller software which runs in demonstration/learn mode on most later model PC's with video resolution of 1024 x 768 and 16 bit color. Download this software to actually exercise the VibeLab™ controller. All functions are fully active, allowing familiarity with the programming, running, saving, printing, etc. capabilities of the VL-144 Series vibration controllers. Software is easily removed when no longer needed.
  Demonstration software [28MB]

Product Data Sheets – Self-extracting files  PDF
ET-132-2 Shaker, 4.5 lbf
ET-132-203 Shaker, 4.5 lbf
ET-126 Shaker, 13 lbf (natural cooling) / 25 lbf (blower cooled)
ET-126HF Shaker, 13 lbf (natural cooling) / 25 lbf (blower cooled)
ET-139 Shaker, 40 lbf (natural cooling) / 75 lbf (blower cooled)
ET-140 Shaker, 110 lbf
ET-127 Shaker, 500 lbf
FG-142 Force Generator, 4.0 lbf
MT-160 Modal Thruster, 60 lbf
MT-161 Modal Thruster, 25 lbf
PA-151 Power Amplifier, 180 VA / 150 W
PA-138 Power Amplifier, 650 VA / 450 W
PA-141 Power Amplifier, 1250 VA / 900 W
dPA-153 Power Amplifier Series , 1500-3200 VA / 600 W
PA-123 Modular Power Amplifier, 1000 VA / 800 W per module
VL-144 Digital 2 channel Sine, Random, and Shock Vibration Controller
VL-145 Digital 1 channel Sine, Random Vibration Controller
SC-121 Sine Servo Controller
SG-135 Sine Generator/Monitor (Controller)
All of the above PDF Data Sheets in one pdf file