Inertial Shaker Test Systems

This new expanding line of electrodynamic Inertial shakers, exclusive to Labworks Inc., is designed to provide ruggedized testing outside of the Laboratory as well as in. These shakers are designed with external armatures such that the body of the shaker is the armature and the reaction mass is safely contained within the shaker. Test articles are fastened to the body of the shaker (or visa-versa) with little concern regarding shaker damage due to lateral vibration. Since the shaker is suspended by its body, test fixture alignment problems are eliminated and the shakers can be mounted in any orientation to give the exact force application needed.

Inertial Test Systems
Force Ratings
Freq. Range

Sine: 4 lbf pk (18N pk) (Air Cooled) /
         2 lbf pk (9N pk) (Nat Cooling)

Random: 2.8 lbf rms (12.5 N rms) /
         1.4 lbf rms (6.3N rms)

10 to 3,000 Hz